Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage To Rose Serving Tray

ST 001

40cm x 27 cm

RM 29.90

ST 002

46cm x 3cm

RM 39.90

Monday, November 23, 2009

Rose Welcome Sign

SG 002

28 cm x 22cm

RM 33.90 Hang it on the wall or infront of your entrance door

Pinky Photo Frame

PF 001

31cm x 23cm


PF 002

18cm x 15cm


Clock Collection

CC 001
RM 39.90 sold out

CC 002


sold out

Heart Shape Sign

SG 001

RM 43.00 Hang on the wall

Green Summer Colection

SM 001

Height 17cm

Base 11.5cm


SM 002

Height 15 cm

Base 10cm

RM 28.90

Paris Keyholder

KH 001

Height 31 cm

Base 20 cm x 5.5cm

RM68.00 Key holder

You can keep your key inside the box

Rose Product de France Oval Box

RP 001
Height 22cm
Base 32cm x 25 cm

RP 002

Height 13cm

Base 21cm x 17 cm

RM 55.00

Rose Candle Stand

CS 001

Height : 15cm

Base :6.5 cm

1 Stand : RM 17.00 2 stand:RM 32.00

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Rose Canister

RC 001
RM 48.80 NOW RM 45.00 REDUCE TO RM 30.00 ONLY

Friday, November 20, 2009

Fresh Picked

FP 001
Height: 16cm
Top diameter: 16cm
Base diameter: 10.5cm
(without flower)
Place it at your favourite space in your house to add more beauty

Classic Rose Flower


RF 001

Height: 15.5cm

Top diameter: 14cm

Base diameter: 9cm

RM28.90 Rose always put two hearts together

Lovely Pink Cup

CUP 001

1 Cup RM 12.00, 1 set(6 cups) RM62.00

Show your appreciation to natural beauty

sold out

Monday, November 16, 2009


What is advertisement? Maybe a lot of us will think about the advertisement which has been broadcast in our TV and radio, but in actual fact the advertisement not only restrict to tv and radio only. Advertisement is a tool where things or services being advertise to inform consumer who involve in using it .

We can find advertisement at the walls, radio, cinema,magazines, newspaper and internet. Some company distribute t-shirts, brochures and gift. Even , these company have their advertisement publish at the body of bus, train and plane. The purpose of advertisement is to inform consumer about the company's product. Big companies always spend a lot of money to advertise their company as advertisement is one of tool to market their product and in return to generate revenue.

Being Simple In Your Writing Style

It is sometime very hard to understand why we choose to be difficult when we can just be simple. It is particularly very clear in our writing style.Just take a look at the way we have been writing from our early childhood until we grow as an adult.Definitely, we will be surprised how difficult it is for our readers to understand what we are trying to say to them.Don't be surprised too if sometime we ourselves do not understand what we have written. Therefore,being simple is very important.....JUST THINK ABOUT IT

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Inspire Spaces


Hi, good day everybody! Today, I would like to write about home deco. In Malaysia, we can live outdoors year round. We have sunny and rainy seasons only.A peaceful and beautiful country to live.

Sometime we always wonder to ourselves on ways to keep the integrity of our house but also bring in some freshness. One way is to have large pergola which provides a beautiful setting for outdoor dining and lounging.I have a dream to have a large pergola in my house. Hopefully, dreams come true. Under the pergola,good food tastes even better outdoors. It makes easier than ever to entertain family and friends as Malaysian love to entertain. In Malaysia, we celebrate a lot of festivals such as Hari Raya Puasa, Hari Raya Haji, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Gawai days and etc. Friends and relatives will visit each other,therefore we need a good space to entertain them.....


Whether you are spending time with friends, listening music with your MP3,reading great novels or watching your favourite movies, you need an ideal perch.Your favourite chair can become your old friend, which is very personal and comfortable.For sure, it always there for you....WHENEVER YOU NEED IT

Extra Magazine


I love all my magazines. However I would like to let go 2 of them since I've bought the same copy twice. The price is RM9.90 and postage RM3.50 each

What Is Lavender?

The name itself derives from the Latin word herba, meaning "green crops".It has different types namely as English Lavender,French Lavender and Spanish Lavender.It grows to height of one to three feet,with best in lightsoil and grown from seed or from cutting or seedings..

How to be a great Host

1.Kindly greet your guests outdoors in the driveaway.
2.Do allow your guests as much time as they need to unwind alone after arriving
3.If your guest is unfamiliar with the area provide him with helpful
4.Make sure clear the top of the bedroom dresser in order for your guest has personal
5.Always keep a spare tootbrush in the bathroom in case the guests do not bring one
6.Provide your guests with some of their favourite snacks
7.Lastly, tell your guests how much you enjoy their company

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Size Up Your Space

In order to make your small dining area looks larger is by using a round table.It takes up little/less space and is easy to maneuver around in a small area. To accomodate more seating, you can utilize your bay window.

Rules Of The House

If you sleep on it....make it up
If you wear it....hang it up
If you drop it....pick it up
If you eat out of it....wash it
If you spill it....wipe it up
If you turn it on....turn it off
If you open it....close it
If you move it.... put it back
If you break it....repair it
If you empty it....fill it up
If it rings....answer it
If it cries...love it